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The phrase 'Well Being' is being used as a daily term now and it is something we all aspire to but what exactly is it?

The Oxford Dictionary definition is: The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy: an improvement in the patient’s well-being. 

This summarises my aim in treating my patients; I want to help you feel healthier and happier. Our time on this planet is limited and I want to support as many people as possible to enjoy it as much as they can.


Well-Being is an individual concept; what allows one person to thrive will be a problem to another; I encourage my patients to find the solutions that will offer them the best life they can have.

The Whole Person approach I use as a Homoeopath allows me to consider every aspect of each patient and treat them as the unique individual they are.

I also consider diet and food as key to good health so Whole Food will be a subject of discussion. It is important that we all realise the impact of food and how it can influence our health. By taking all factors into account I believe that we can all get closer to Whole Health. 

So we will discuss:

  • How much if any exercise you do
  • Your sleeping habits    
  • How do you relax?   
  • What hobbies do you have?
  • How is your work / life balance?
  • This for me is how I look to support you and get you closer to that ideal of true Well Being.


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