Customer reviews:

What is an appointment with Karen like?


Here are some comments from some of my patients after I asked them why they chose me as their Homoeopath.


bubbles“You allow me time to talk about what is affecting me, I feel listened to, and I feel you understand me. You are caring and not judgemental, I know I can tell you anything, it’s good being able to talk to someone who is not connected to my life it helps me get perspective. By sharing how I feel you then give me a remedy that helps me.”




flowers“You are totally professional, you create a safe space so that your patient can be listened to and have their concerns heard. You always explain and discuss the process of my treatment so I know what is happening and why. You are always prepared to be contacted between appointments to discuss any problems or developments. This gives me confidence and a feeling of being cared for.”



"I like coming to you because I feel that: you empathise with me; you’re discreet; we can laugh; we can talk round things, even change our minds. I like the way remedies aren't always instant i.e. they are thought about and sometimes even reconsidered... just as life changes. Also, it's important to me to be able to contact you easily."




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