Employee Health and your Business Success

Do you understand this relationship?

The Chambers CEO Mike Ashton could not say it more clearly than this:

"The health and well-being of workers is important not just for employees, but also for employers. Studies have shown that a healthier and happier workforce is more productive. Therefore, it is crucial that companies do all they can to improve their staff's health and well-being, Worcestershire Works Well is a great accreditation scheme that I encourage all local businesses to make the most of"

I am a member of the Chamber of Commerce and I support the Worcestershire Works Well scheme. This scheme provides the template from which you can create a healthy business.

I am interested in working with Companies who are innovative enough to realise that happy healthy workers lead to a happy, healthy and successful business. How does this work in practice?

1. Your sickness days are reduced with a healthy workforce

2. The cost saving of reducing sick leave can be invested into your business

 Your business environment really benefits:

1. A healthy and happy employee stays with the company. This saves you time and money in recruitment and training costs. It has the added bonus of giving your customers continuity of service

2. Healthy and happy workers also

      a. work more productively

      b. have fewer accidents

      c. improve your brand

      d. are more committed to your business

      e. enhance your public image and reputation

Do you need more convincing?

Consider this research

·         Workers who feel that they put more into the job than they get out are more likely to detach themselves emotionally from their work leading to the ‘depersonalisation’ of people using the service (Thomas and Rose, 2009).


·         High staff turnover can be very costly due to wasted training resources and recruitment costs (Hatton et al 2001; Mittal et al 2009).


·         Workers who are already experiencing stress may be more likely to respond negatively to challenging behaviour (Gilbert and Osborne, 1989 in Thomas and Rose, 2009).


        The other aspect to employee / employer relationships is that of appreciation and feeling valued. If an employee feels valued they will give so much more than an unhappy employee.


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I hope that this has given you food for thought. I would like to offer my services and support to your company. I can provide Homeopathic consultations, nutritional and general well-being advice as well as meditation classes or a one on one session for relaxation and relieving stress