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Karen RunacresMy homoeopathic journey began in the 90’s. I was a very successful Sales Manager in the IT industry; eventually, the thrill of hitting a target began to fade and I wanted something more meaningful in my life. I started attending classes on complementary therapies; I was certain that I would train in Aromatherapy and then a class came up on Homoeopathy which I attended.

What a life changing experience! I had my lightbulb moment…I was fascinated; finally, aspects of my health were explained to me. I didn’t want the class to finish I wanted to keep hearing more… 

I started having treatments with the lovely Wendy Stewart who ran the class and my health improved, I had more energy and I felt better. I took the next step and followed in Wendy’s footsteps by attending the London College of Classical Homoeopathy. I qualified with a degree in Homoeopathy in 2001.

Lightbulb momentI went on to study with one of our eminent Homoeopaths Jeremy Sherr and qualified from Dynamis in 2006. Getting qualified is just like driving you really learn when you are working with patients. Homoeopathy is a constantly evolving subject and I attend regular training sessions to develop my knowledge and support for my patients even further. I am a member of the Society of Homoeopaths. 

I have been in practice since 2001 and I love it. I have experienced many of life’s changes and challenges and this enables me to understand and support my patients through difficult and challenging circumstances in a gentle, positive and encouraging manner. 

Being a bit of a gypsy I have practised in Burnham Berkshire, the Isle of Wight, Worcester and Malvern. From 2006 – 2011 I worked at D L Ogle Homoeopathic Pharmacy in St Johns Worcester. During this time I was introduced to David Barrie from Nature’s Own who introduced me to vitamins and supplements.

CertificateI went on to work with Nature’s Own from 2011 – 2016 and this gave me a deeper understanding of nutrition and health in general. I now find that by combining Homoeopathy and Nutrition I can achieve even better results for my patients. 

I am thrilled to have fulfilled a long term dream of moving to Cornwall and this is where I intend to stay!





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